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With unrivalled intelligent styling, thermal efficiency, security and simple installation, the Premier Edge ticks every box.

Its polished edge to edge glass exterior is not only a stunning evolution of its rivals, but in turn bring many practical benefits. Its clever design allows any water to simply glide off its surface, and not be hindered by perimeter sealants or protruding frames. Standing only 63m above the roof upstand, it will blend seamlessly into any project.

Whilst allowing maximum light to flood in, the 'Edge' is constantly working very hard o keep the unwanted heat out, and the ambient room temperature constant, giving you the benefit of year-round comfort and performance.

A very welcomed standard feature of the 'Edge' is laminated security glass to the inner panel. This addition gives you the peace of mind that firstly, it is very difficult to penetrate from outside, and secondly, in the event that the inner pane is compromised, laminated glass is shatterproof so will provide optimum safety.

Installation couldn't be easier. The 'Edge' rooflight is delivered in one piece, its fixing straps already attached. It has no trims or 'extra bits' to put on afterwards, so has nothing to get lost or damaged.

Safety First...

With security and safety being paramount.

The Premier Edge Flat Skylight is an edge to edge roof light and is fastened from the inside, it has no external fixings that could be removed. With 6 mm toughened safety glass outside, and 6.4 mm laminated safety glass inside, as standard. ‘The Edge’ provides the ultimate combination of security and peace of mind.



Comprising the ultimate in thermal insulation.

The Edge has a very careful selection of high performance glazing components. It benefits from both low maintenance solar reflective glass outside and low emission laminated glass inside, structurally bonded into the unique super slim ‘Edge’ thermal broken aluminium frame, providing all year-round comfort with a typical U-Value of 1.3 w/m2k (overall roof).



Available in Grey (RAL 7206M) and Black (RAL 9005M). 5 degree pitch recommended.

  1. Thermally broken aluminium frame
  2. Structurally bonded high performance glass
  3. Typical U value of 1.3 w/m2k
  4. Laminated safety glass to internal pane
  5. Built in plasterboard pocket


  • Edge-to-edge glass technology
  • Stands only 63 mm above the upstand
  • Ultra-modern and sleek style
  • Minimal internal and external sightlines
  • Shatterproof laminated glass
  • No protruding frames
  • No water penetration through fixing points
  • Fastened from inside, providing high performing security
  • No mastic line around glass, allowing water to glide off the edge

Simple Installation

  • Delivered in one piece, with its fixing points
  • No "extra bits" needed, providing quick and easy installation
  • Fastened from the inside, no external fixings
  • Internal plasterboard pocket for easy boarding and plastering
  • 5 degree pitch recommended

Thermally Efficient

  • Overall U Value (glazing and frame) 1.3 w/m2k
  • Thermally broken aluminium frame
  • 6 mm toughened safety glass externally and 6.4 mm softcoat laminated safety glass internally as standard
  • Laminated glass provides safety, security, noise reduction and 98% reduction in UV rays preventing sun bleaching
  • 20 mm argon warmedge

The Edge Air

The ‘Edge’ Air flat rooflight comes with the same superior specification as the Titan ‘Edge’ with the added benefit of a manual or electric opening. With a unique and polished edge-to-edge glass exterior, it’s not only a stunning evolution of its rivals, but brings many practical benefits. Its clever design allows water to simply glide off its surface and not be hindered by perimeter sealants or protruding frames.



  • Ultra low profile
  • 300 mm opening max
  • Integral motor
  • Quiet running actuator
  • Minimum pitch: 5 degrees
  • Maximum pitch: 45 degrees

Thermally Efficient

  • Allows maximum light to flood in
  • Keeps unwanted heat out
  • High performance glazing components
  • Low maintenance solar reflective glass outside
  • Low emission laminated glass inside


  • Fixed internally by way of pre-fitted strap fixings
  • Laminated security glass to the inner panel
  • Shatterproof laminated glass
  • Very difficult to penetrate from the outside
  • Safe, shatterproof glass on the inside

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