What is an Ultrasky Roof?

The Ultrasky is a refined, sleeker glass roof option for conservatories and orangeries. With slimmer sightlines and a stunning, high performance frame, they are a cut above the rest. We manufacture these roofs for tradespeople across the Midlands and through the centre of us England. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

Double Glazed Roof - The Ultrasky Roof is constructed with high performance glass panels. This double glazing works to trap the warmth inside your customer’s conservatories, while protecting them from UV damage during summer.

Fewer Bars - Unlike other glass conservatory roof options, the Ultrasky Roof has fewer bars. This allows more light into the extension, while the remaining bars are still structurally sound enough to support the extension.

Structural Goal Post - To aid the structural integrity of the Ultrasky roof systems, integral goal posts are fitted around the perimeter. This supports the roof while also allowing patio, French or bi-folding doors to be fitted.

Postcode Engineering - These conservatory roofs will each be individually postcode engineered using NASA satellite data. This is where structural amendments will be made if your customer’s postcode is more partial to adverse weather.

Stormshield Protection - Our Ultrasky Roofs come with a unique Stormshield protection system. This works to protect the conservatory or orangery against wind, rain and snow. The extensions you fit will be fully weatherproof.

Decorative Cornices - The Ultrasky Roof system delivers fantastic visual appeal to any home. They come with the option of a decorative cornice, which conceals the roofline and any trim. They are available in 1, 2 and 3 tiered options.

Ultrasky Roof – Up Close

The Ultrasky Roof is designed to deliver the perfect blend of rigidity, product longevity and visual appeal. Your customers will enjoy a naturally warmer conservatory, which will continue to perform for years to come. These roofs can achieve all this thanks to:

  1. Insulated Pelmet which can hold lights and speakers
  2. Choice of cornices
  3. Integral goal post
  4. Superstrong ridge surround
  5. Thermally broken throughout
What is the Ultrasky Roof

Thermal Efficiency

  • Our conservatory roofs all deliver a fantastic thermal performance. Your customers will be able to enjoy their new extension right through the year, without concern of spending excessive amounts on their heating bills. During summer, the room will remain well ventilated and won’t become hot and stuffy.

Easy to Install

  • The Ultrasky Roof is incredibly easy to install. Fewer components lead to less parts that need fitting, meaning these installations can take one or two days less than a roof from a different supplier. You won’t need to do any cutting or sawing at people’s homes either, saving you more time and leaving customers happy.

Enhanced Aesthetics

  • These conservatory roofs deliver superb visual appeal wherever they are installed. The slim sightlines provide sleek and subtle aesthetics, which look good with any style of home. They can help improve the kerb appeal of people’s homes, whereby the property becomes more attractive to potential buyers.

Longer Lasting

  • Among its other benefits, aluminium is used as a building material because of its exceptional natural lifespan. If well maintained, aluminium home improvement products can easily last for around 20 years before showing any sign of age. This longevity is appealing to modern homeowners nowadays.


  • Ultraframe designed this conservatory roof so that it adheres to the most up to date building regulations and planning permission laws. This means you’ll spend less time dealing with local building authorities, which further speeds up the whole installation process. This results in happier customers.

Market Leading Suppliers

  • We only manufacture and supply Ultraframe’s roof systems and components. They are the market leader in their field, providing us with higher quality products for your customers. Ultraframe are the country’s preferred choice for conservatory installations, with 4/5 people preferring their products.
Weatherproof conservatories

What is Ultraframe’s Stormshield Protection?

As mentioned, these conservatory roof systems come with Ultraframe’s stormshield protection. This protects the extension against all adverse weather. To do this, the conservatory will feature:

  1. Waterproof glazing compression trims
  2. Ridge end weathering seals
  3. Secure fit radius end covers

Compatible Conservatory Styles

The Ultrasky roof is designed to work with a range of Ultraframe’s conservatories and orangeries.

  • Gable-End Conservatory
  • P-Shaped Conservatory
  • T-Shaped Conservatory
  • Victorian Conservatory
  • Georgian Conservatory
  • Traditional Orangery
  • Contemporary Orangery
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Why Choose Premier Frames

Better Products

Premier Frames work exclusively with market leaders Ultraframe to fabricate and supply conservatory components for installers.

Over 2 million Ultraframe products have been installed nationwide, making it the most popular conservatory frame in the UK. They are known for offering homeowners superior levels of thermal efficiency and home security. The installation process is also incredibly straightforward for you as the installer. Our products come ready assembled and have simple two or three step fittings.

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Better Relationship

We have a great relationship with Ultraframe, having recently chosen to work exclusively with them rather than using multiple suppliers.

By having such a good relationship, we can ensure that the products we supply are consistently of a high standard. All of these conservatory and extension components are manufactured here in the UK, which allows us to have a better control over what we’re supplying to our network of installers. As a result, we’re able to provide those installers with market leading conservatory and orangery roof systems.

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Better Service

We take pride in delivering a friendly, personal service to all the installers we work with. We’re able to offer help and support whenever required.

As the installer, you’ll have two options with receiving your Ultraframe products. You’ll be able to choose between collecting from our showroom or having the components delivered. We’re located in North East Leicester, near the A47. If you’re looking to have the products delivered, it typically takes around ten working days. Our friendly team will handle the delivery or collection professionally.

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Better Coverage

Based in the East Midlands, we have customers spread across the middle of England. We’re continually looking to expand our catchment area.

Although we primarily work with installers local to us in the East Midlands, we have previously supplied to companies as far and wide as Margate, Chippenham and Stoke. As it stands, we don’t currently supply to Wales, Scotland or Ireland. Get in contact with Premier Frames if you’re unsure whether we can supply our Ultraframe roof systems to you. If the answer is yes, we can provide you with a quote.

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