What is an Ultrasky Flat Skylight?

As the name would suggest, these are a flat alternative to the traditional double hipped roof lantern. Smaller and more discrete, they are becoming increasingly more popular in the Midlands. Get in touch with Premier Frames to install these in your local area.

Warm Frame Technology - The frame comes with a fully insulated core, allowing to deliver impressive thermal efficiency. Known as Ultraframe’s ‘Warm Frame’ technology, this will ensure that a home’s natural warmth is trapped inside. As a result, the Ultrasky flat skylight could deliver an overall U-value as lower as 1.2.

Click-Fit Frame - These flat skylights are incredibly straightforward to fit for you as the installer. The click-fit frame means the installation is completed in just one step. This rooflight is around 50% quicker to fit than the substandard alternative options - quicker installations usually correlates with happier customers.

Frameless Glass Design - These flat skylights provide superb aesthetics for the customers who have them installed. The frameless glass design means you none of the aluminium surround is visible internally. This allows more natural light to flood into their home, resulting in a brighter and more welcoming extension.

Aluminium Surround - These rooflights are incredibly secure, and the aluminium surround is part of the reason why. As a material, it’s extremely rigid despite being so lightweight. The aluminium surround will keep the skylight in place and is resistant to even the most extreme weather. There’s no risk of warping either.

Double Seal Gasket - To ensure that the Ultrasky flat skylight is built to last for many years, we manufacture them with a high compression double seal gasket. This ensures that the seal on the rooflight won’t degrade over time. The result is a skylight which will continue to perform years after you’ve installed them.

Plasterboard Trim - These flat skylights look as gorgeous internally as they do externally. The fineline plasterboard trim gives these skylights are sleek internal finish, ensuring they don’t look chunky or out of place when installed on top of an extension. Like the rest of the skylight, this plasterboard is reliable and robust.

Easy to Install Flat Skylights

Despite being such a high quality product, the installation couldn’t be easier for you. The use of the click-fit frames makes it incredibly simple for you to fit these on top of extensions.

  1. No fiddly trim
  2. No cutting required from you on site
  3. Welded kerb is fitted at the same time as the skylight
  4. Click-fit frame has 100% first time success rate
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Heat Retention

  • The use of Warm Frame technology will leave your customers with thermally efficient extensions. Improved heat retention can result in lower heating bills and a better carbon footprint. This is hugely appealing to customers nowadays.

Subtle Design

  • The sleek, subtle design of the Ultrasky flat skylights makes them an incredibly desirable home improvement option. The frameless glass and aluminium surround will allow the rooflight to effortlessly fit with the rest of their home.

Range of Colours

  • These flat skylights are available in the standard black, grey and white colours. However, upon request, we can manufacture them in bespoke RAL colours. Coming to Premier Frames will give your customers the choice of over 250 hues.

Available as a Retrofit

  • Although these are very popular for new build extensions, they can also be fitted as a retrofit. Many people aren’t keen on the idea of tearing down an extension, even if they don’t use it. Offering a retrofit service will open you up to these customers.

Acoustic Insulation

  • A poor quality flat skylight will not offer your customers the same soundproofing that ours do. Innovative noise reducing glass consisting of 4mm and 6mm stepped units solves this. Your customers will get up to 34 decibels of noise reduction.


  • The Ultrasky flat skylight range will provide total weatherproofing to your customers here in the Midlands. They won’t leak, will prevent damp spots, rotting or any water damage. It will also prevent excessive draughts from running through in the extension.

Kerb Option

Should the customer request it, these flat skylights can come with an optional kerb option. It’s easy to fit your end and offers your customers a range of additional benefits:

  • Prevents puddles forming, which stops the glass from staining
  • Welded to be watertight
  • Optimal 4 degree pitch
  • Compliant with all building regulations
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What are the Ultrasky Flat Rooflights Compatible With?

The Ultrasky flat rooflights can be installed with new build projects as well as being retrofitted. They are compatible with house extensions primarily. However, they can possibly be fitted onto existing flat roofed areas of the customer’s house. This could be over a dining room or even a kitchen.

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We work with home improvement specialists right across the Midlands – get in touch to find out if we can supply Ultraframe roof systems to you. You can also call us directly on 0116 253 7297.

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Why Choose Premier Frames

Better Products

Premier Frames work exclusively with market leaders Ultraframe to fabricate and supply conservatory components for installers.

Over 2 million Ultraframe products have been installed nationwide, making it the most popular conservatory frame in the UK. They are known for offering homeowners superior levels of thermal efficiency and home security. The installation process is also incredibly straightforward for you as the installer. Our products come ready assembled and have simple two or three step fittings.

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Better Relationship

We have a great relationship with Ultraframe, having recently chosen to work exclusively with them rather than using multiple suppliers.

By having such a good relationship, we can ensure that the products we supply are consistently of a high standard. All of these conservatory and extension components are manufactured here in the UK, which allows us to have a better control over what we’re supplying to our network of installers. As a result, we’re able to provide those installers with market leading conservatory and orangery roof systems.

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Better Service

We take pride in delivering a friendly, personal service to all the installers we work with. We’re able to offer help and support whenever required.

As the installer, you’ll have two options with receiving your Ultraframe products. You’ll be able to choose between collecting from our showroom or having the components delivered. We’re located in North East Leicester, near the A47. If you’re looking to have the products delivered, it typically takes around ten working days. Our friendly team will handle the delivery or collection professionally.

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Better Coverage

Based in the East Midlands, we have customers spread across the middle of England. We’re continually looking to expand our catchment area.

Although we primarily work with installers local to us in the East Midlands, we have previously supplied to companies as far and wide as Margate, Chippenham and Stoke. As it stands, we don’t currently supply to Wales, Scotland or Ireland. Get in contact with Premier Frames if you’re unsure whether we can supply our Ultraframe roof systems to you. If the answer is yes, we can provide you with a quote.

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