Why Orangery Lanterns Are The Right Choice For You

Turn any dark, dull area of your home into a beacon of light with an orangery lantern.
These lanterns invite sunlight into any room all year round, adding a level of luxury into your house.


Thermally Efficient

  • The combination of our lantern roofs and the bricked walls allow these orangeries to deliver superb thermal efficiency. They will remain warm during the winter months thanks to the insulated pelmet and columns, while the roofline will allow ample ventilation to keep it cool during summer.


  • The components for our lantern orangeries have been stringently tested for their standard of weatherproofing. They will keep all wind and rain at bay. This will keep the orangery free of any damp spots, rotting or water damage. Your customers won’t be bothered by draughts either.

Sturdy & Secure

  • These lantern roof systems will offer your customers enhanced home security. These accessories are sturdy and built to last for years after you’ve completed the installation. You’ll be able to offer your customers in the Midlands peace of mind that their home improvements will keep them safe.

Cost Effective

  • Our lantern orangery options are competitively priced. As a result, you’ll be able to offer your customers affordable home improvement options. This opens you up to a broader customer audience, as you won’t be pricing people out of installing a new orangery or improving their current one.


  • By working with Ultraframe, we’re able to offer lantern orangeries that pass building regulations and planning permission laws. This will save you time dealing with local building authorities, resulting in a quicker lead time. Swift installations lead to happier, returning customers for your home improvements business.

Retrofit Options

  • In addition to offering these components for new installations, these lantern orangery systems can be retrofitted. Customers in your area may be looking to renovate existing orangeries, rather than tearing it down to install a new one. Offering a refurbishment service with these parts could prove beneficial.

Ultrasky Roof Lantern

Lantern orangeries are easily distinguished as they are topped with one of Ultraframe's roof lanterns. These stunning roof systems deliver the perfect blend of style and practicality to your customers.

  1. Insulated end caps for better heat retention
  2. High performance ridge breaks
  3. Thermally broken eaves and undercladding

What are Lantern Orangeries?

As the name would suggest, lantern orangeries use a lantern roof light on top of a flat roof, for a brighter extension. Work with Premier Frames to install these Ultraframe components in Leicester and across the centre of England.

Ultrasky Roof Lantern - What separates this style of orangery from Ultraframe’s other options is the lantern roof. These high performance lanterns come with a 25-degree pitched roof. This design allows the maximum amount of natural light to refract into the orangery below, providing your customers with brighter extensions.

Super Insulated Columns - Sat in the corners of the rectangular extensions, these insulated columns drastically improve an orangery’s thermal performance. These columns are constructed with an insulated core made with polystyrene that is enriched with styropor carbon. They do a fantastic job of keeping the orangery warm.

Structural Goal Post - Working in tandem with one of our Ultraframe roof systems, the structural goal post helps reinforce the orangery. This can allow you to install larger windows or bi-fold doors into the orangery build without concern over structural integrity through unnecessary pressure.

Perimeter Pelmet - Fitted internally beneath the roof of orangeries, the perimeter pelmet also helps improve the orangery’s thermal efficiency. What’s more, any flat roofed areas can be fitted with Ultraframe’s stunning central lighting panel, to improve the ‘room-like’ feel of the customer’s orangery.

Cornices - Decorative cornices conceal the trim and roofline of an orangery, giving them a stylish finish. We manufacture one, two and three tiered cornices, meaning there’s something for every style. These cornices can be retrofitted onto an existing extension as well if you offer refurbishment services.

Central Lighting Panel - An optional extra that can be installed into the perimeter pelmet, they are strong enough to support spotlights, chandeliers and even speaker systems. The central lighting panel can help make the customer’s orangery a more enjoyable social space during colder weather and in the evenings.

Storm Shield Protection System

Storm Shield Technology

The roof systems for these lantern orangeries are weather protected thanks to Ultraframe's unique Storm Shield protection.

  1. Waterproof compression trims
  2. Ridge end weather seals
  3. Robust radius end covers

High Quality Double Glazing

Orangeries wouldn’t be able to deliver the range of practical benefits that they do without quality double glazing. The glass that we use is of the highest standard, to ensure that it complements the other components that we offer. The glass in our lantern roofs offer:

  • UV protection to protect customers during summer
  • Heat trapping technology for enhanced insulation
  • Sturdy enough to sit at 25-degree pitch angles
  • Won’t rot or warp over time
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Premier Frames work exclusively with market leaders Ultraframe to fabricate and supply conservatory components for installers.

Over 2 million Ultraframe products have been installed nationwide, making it the most popular conservatory frame in the UK. They are known for offering homeowners superior levels of thermal efficiency and home security. The installation process is also incredibly straightforward for you as the installer. Our products come ready assembled and have simple two or three step fittings.

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We have a great relationship with Ultraframe, having recently chosen to work exclusively with them rather than using multiple suppliers.

By having such a good relationship, we can ensure that the products we supply are consistently of a high standard. All of these conservatory and extension components are manufactured here in the UK, which allows us to have a better control over what we’re supplying to our network of installers. As a result, we’re able to provide those installers with market leading conservatory and orangery roof systems.

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Based in the East Midlands, we have customers spread across the middle of England. We’re continually looking to expand our catchment area.

Although we primarily work with installers local to us in the East Midlands, we have previously supplied to companies as far and wide as Margate, Chippenham and Stoke. As it stands, we don’t currently supply to Wales, Scotland or Ireland. Get in contact with Premier Frames if you’re unsure whether we can supply our Ultraframe roof systems to you. If the answer is yes, we can provide you with a quote.

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