The Ultraframe Goalpost

The integrated goalpost is an innovation that adds rigidity and support to an Ultraframe conservatory roof. Its inclusion permits the use of larger door spans, creating the ‘Grand Designs’ aesthetic that homeowners love, without causing undue pressure of the overall structure.

Being made from aluminium, the goalpost is lightweight and fitter friendly.

Available discretely installed or exposed and finished in one of hundreds of RAL colours.

The goalpost colour finishes are powder coated for longevity, regardless of selection.

Compatible with both glass and solid conservatory roof systems, both available with Premier Frames.

Structurally robust enough to accommodate clear openings over 6.5 metres.

Goalpost Solutions

Here at Premier Frames, we stock Ultraframe’s full range of goalpost solutions and innovations. Doing so allows us to accommodate any conservatory or orangery roof request without having to install brick pillars or window returns. The goalpost allows homeowners to maintain the open structure while avoiding 'racking'.

Header Beams with Goalposts

Goalpost header beams are designed to suit the door frame height, and we have options to suit every conservatory or orangery here at Premier Frames. This includes a maximum production length as large as seven metres.

Larger beams will require the support of an jointed intermediate post.

Reinforced Header Beams with Goalposts

Our reinforced header beam options add even more strength to the overall goalpost structure, accommodating larger door spans and heights.

Beam Deflection System

Ultraframe’s innovative beam deflection systems ensures that even the largest patio and bifold door spans open and close smoothly.

Goalpost Leg Options

Goalpost in-line legs are designed to support the header beams, permitting those larger external door spans. There are flexible options to suit any floorplan or design, including the goalpost having more than two legs. This also includes two square leg options and an in-line leg upgrade as well. A wall plate, spreader plate or brick pier can be used if the header beam is butting against the host wall.

70 x 70mm

A square leg design is utilised.

102 x 100mm

We offer this leg when a 200 x 102mm header beam is specified.

150 x 50mm

Used for larger door spans as an in-line goalpost for aesthetic purposes.


Single, double and triple header beams can be specified, permitting the use of multiple door systems.
Header beams can connect to both wall plates and spreader plates, depending on the inclusion of piers and posts.
Base plates come pre-drilled, making your installation more efficient. These can be fitted centrally or in the corner.


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