What are Tiled Conservatory Roofs?

Constructed using stunning and robust replica tiles, the Ultraroof is a fantastic alternative to the traditional double glazed conservatory roof. Here at Premier Frames, we manufacture and supply these stunning roof systems for installers across Leicester and the Midlands.

Unrivalled Visuals - Tiled conservatory roofs offer superb aesthetics. The sleek design can comfortably match with a modern new build. However, these tiled roofs look exceptional when partnered with a more traditional property here in Leicester. Offering these to your customers will open you up to a broader clientele.

Thermally Efficient - Acting in a similar way to the solid alternatives, these tiled conservatory roofs will provide homes with superb heat retention. The insulated perimeter pelmets will keep their extension warm without the need for excessive heating bills. Trickle vents in the roofline will keep it ventilated during summer.

Low Maintenance - The Ultraroof requires very little maintenance once you as the installer has fitted it. All the customer is required to do is clean any excess debris off the roof for it to look as good as new. Tiled conservatory roofs from Ultraframe are incredibly appealing to customers in the Midlands as a result.

More Robust - Contrary to what people may think, tiled conservatory roofs are incredibly robust. These tiled conservatory roofs are manufactured with home security in mind and are almost immovable once you’ve installed them, thanks to the innovative interlocking copolymer tile system.

Still Bright & Warm - When you come to Premier Frames for tiled conservatory roofs, your customers will be able to configure their roof with large rectangular glass panels. This can allow the conservatory or extension to be filled with natural light, maintaining the traditional feel of a double glazed conservatory roof.

Cost Effective - If you’re offering a replacement conservatory roof service, then these tiled alternatives are a cost effective way of allowing the customer to replace their roof. Customers will still be able to reap the rewards of Ultraframe’s quality roof systems rather than being priced out of their renovations.

The Ultraroof All-Tile

In addition to the traditional Ultraroof, we at Premier Frames also manufacture and supply the Ultraroof All-Tile. These tiled conservatory roof systems are more tailored for tiled roof extensions but are the newest and more modern roof system we offer to installers across the Midlands.

  1. Real tiles or slates for better performance
  2. Wider range of tile options
  3. Available with all of Premier Frames’ conservatory accessories
  4. Manufactured off-site by us, for ease of installation
Solid Roof Leicester


  • A benefit for you as the installer and for the customer, these tiled conservatory roofs are incredibly lightweight. In fact, they’re only weight 38kg per square metre, which is much lighter than any other solid roof on the market.

Easy to Install

  • We manufacture this tiled conservatory roofs from Ultraframe, meaning there’s no cutting required from you on site. The installation is quick and simple for you, taking around eight hours in all and not requiring a tie beam.

Better Privacy

  • Customers with overlooking neighbours may be put off a conservatory installation over lack of privacy. Being able to offer our tiled conservatory roofs will allow these people to enjoy the comfort of an Ultraframe conservatory.

Popular Choice

  • The Ultraroof is among the most popular conservatory roof options on the market. It’s believed that around 8/10 people would prefer an Ultraframe solid roof. Working with Premier Frames will allow you to install these popular roofs.

Improved Roofline

  • Another benefit of offering these tiled conservatory roofs to your customers in the benefit of new roofline. Old conservatories often have poor roofline. Offering new, enhanced roofline is appealing to customers in the Midlands.

Great as a Retrofit

  • If you offer a conservatory roof replacement service, then you need to work with Premier Frames to install these tiled roofs. They are fantastic as a retrofit option, thanks to their drastically different looks and practical benefits.
Tiled Roof Leicester

Tiled Conservatory Roof Assembly

As mentioned, the Ultraroof is incredibly easy to install. You won’t make a mess on site either, which will leave your customers happy and save you time. The tiled roof assembly is as follows:

  1. New present insulated ridge
  2. I-beam edged panels
  3. A newer, simplified glazing bar attachment
  4. External panel clips

Compatible Conservatory Styles

  • Georgian
  • Victorian
  • P-Shaped
  • T-Shaped
  • Lean-To
  • Gable-End
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