Visofold 1000 Slim’s New Slimmer Profiles Create An Even Greater Glazed Area And Larger Uninterrupted Openings.

Available in a range of opening configurations to suit any application, Visofold 1000 Slim doors can be folded internally or externally.

The highly versatile, easy-to-operate system is the perfect option for even the largest project, capable of opening up an entire wall, yet presenting a contemporary, elegant, glazed façade when closed. Kitemarked and PAS24 accredited, security is assured by multi-point locking mechanisms on the main opening sashes.

For installers, the Visofold 1000 Slim’s new, Quick-Glaze Bead featuring integrated gasket are simply tapped-in on site, without the need to use a wedge gasket, making the installation and glazing process faster, more straightforward and more cost effective.

Providing large uninterrupted openings, the door’s flexibility makes it the ideal choice for both residential and light commercial projects, with its new slim lines providing maximum light and space to give unimpeded views.

Featuring new slimmer profiles, the sight-lines of Visofold 1000 have been reduced UN3160G by 10mm to 122mm, to make the glazed area even larger, an important consideration for projects both large and small.

Attractive, Slim-line Profiles Offer Reduced Sight-lines

Visofold 1000 Slim’s doors offer a choice of opening configurations to suit any application.

Providing large uninterrupted openings, the door’s flexibility makes it the ideal choice for both residential and light commercial projects, with its new slim lines providing maximum light and space to give unimpeded views


The Efficient Way to Warm Homes with Glow Heated Glass for Bifold Doors

Glow heated glass is the latest innovative technology to take the glazing industry by storm. It is a specialist glazing that has a conductive coating which generates heat when an electrical current passes through it. This pioneering product can be used as a sole heating source for heating a room, or as an additional heating source for places where extra heating is required e.g., extensions and conservatories etc.

The temperature of Glow heated glass like other primary heating sources is thermostatically controlled. This helps maintain a consistent temperature by turning the glass on and off as needed. This can reduce energy consumption and wastage and lead to lower utility bills.

The average hourly cost is around 9p per Bifold door. Therefore, as an example a 3 door Bifold configuration running for 5 hours per day will cost around £1.35 based on an electricity cost of 25p/kWh.

Glow heated glass has been designed specifically to emit radiant heat rather than convection heat as used in traditional radiators. Radiant heating solutions have many benefits as it heats people and objects unlike convection that heats space. As an example, radiant heat is what makes sunshine feel warm on your skin.

These DGU’s are glazed in a similar fashion to conventional DGU’s. We recommend the electrical work is carried out by a qualified electrician with the product conveniently designed to connect direct to your 240v home mains supply making installations easier and hassle-free. We also provide a comprehensive installation guide with each order.

The Future of Home Heating Solutions

Traditional radiators and gas boilers have been recognised as inefficient and not environmentally friendly by the Government as part of their 2025 Future Homes Standard initiative. In its current format gas boilers and therefore radiators will be banned in new build houses by 2025. Glow Heated Glass with its many benefits will conform to this new legislation.

The electrically heated glass units are thermostatically controlled creating ambient temperatures which are perfect for installation in Bi-folding doors reaching glass surface temperatures of 35-40°C. For the first time, a realistic alternative to radiators, electric fires or underfloor heating systems is available either as the main or an additional source of heating for the home

Available in a range of opening configurations and colours which can fold inside or out, to suit any household.

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Security Tested To PAS 24:2016

The Visofold 1000 Slim features quick-glaze beads specially designed to be easy to remove making them perfect for residential, retail, and light commercial applications.The lock mechanism is available with a domestic style ‘lift-up’ handle and an adjustable, one-piece keep.



  1. Attractive, slim-line profiles offer reduced sightlines
  2. Profiles available in either square or rounded edge options
  3. Fabricated using mitred corners
  4. Lock mechanism available with domestic style ‘lift-up’ handle and an adjustable, one-piece keep
  5. Manufactured using Smarts punch tooling

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