Welcome to The Future of Home Extensions

hup! is the revolutionary new way to extend your home and create beautiful bright living spaces quickly,
with minimal disruption to your home and family.


A Building Revolution

A building revolution, hup! uses highly energy efficient Ultrapanels in place of traditional brick walls and timber and slate roofs. These groundbreaking panels make hup! extensions five times more energy efficient than the average UK home so that even with plenty of glass, your hup! will be every bit as warm as the rest of your home. This advanced technology also means that hup! extensions can be built five times faster than a brick extension.

Proudly British, hup! extensions are manufactured off-site in our state-of-the art factory. Work which would usually take several months with a traditionally built extension has already been done when your hup! arrives at your home. Your skilled hup! builder will then build your new extension – usually in a matter of days.

Along with being ideal for extensions, hup! is also a fantastic choice for conservatories and conservatory transformations, as well as garden homes.


Five times more energy efficient than the average UK home

Rising energy costs are a headache for us all, but hup! offers ultimate energy efficiency thanks to high performance glass and extremely low U-Values.

One supplier, one project

hup! is the hassle-free way to build. One familiar team takes care of the whole project and there is no need for an architect. Your hup! designer will help you visualise your design and provide a price that will not fluctuate, giving you confidence that your beautiful extension will be delivered on time and on budget.

Five times faster to build

What would take months to build with traditional methods will take weeks with hup! and what would take weeks now takes days. Built in any weather by one team, your hup! extension is delivered as a flat packed kit so there is no cutting or waste on site, helping you escape the mess and disruption associated with traditional builds.

Ultimate design flexibility

Choose from pitched roofs or flat roofs, all with rooflights that flood your new space with natural light. Whether you want to frame your view with large picture windows or create an indoor/outdoor space with large sliding doors, hup! gives you total design freedom.

High quality finish, every time

With hup! a high quality finish is assured every time. Designed by Ultraframe, the UK leader in extension and roofing technology, hup! is manufactured in a BBA approved factory in Lancashire, and every hup! extension features Ultrapanel technology that is patented and approved by the BBA to a lifespan of at least 60 years

Patented ultrapanel technology

This groundbreaking technology combines the best of both timber and steel framing building technology with exceptional insulation properties. hup! wall panels significantly outperform traditional building methods in terms of strength.


As energy efficient as an extension


Flood your home with healthy natural light, safe in the knowledge that high performance glazing will make it as energy efficient as it is bright. Not only does this specialist glazing enhance the warmth of your home, but its properties also prevent any overheating and furniture fading in the room below.

Every hup! conservatory is constructed from materials that meet the latest Building Regulations standards for extensions.

The insulated internal pelmet in your conservatory, high performance roof glass and super-insulated walls ensure that your hup! conservatory will be as energy efficient as any modern extension.

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Conservatory Transformations

Extension-like conservatory upgrades

If you have ambitions for your old conservatory, then hup! is the simple solution. Within a matter of weeks, hup! can transform an old conservatory into a modern, energy efficient extension that feels like it is now part of your home. hup!’s lightweight, energy efficient walls are quick, easy, and cost effective to build onto existing bases

Upgrade to a high performance glass roof, or choose a super-insulated solid roof with rooflights to transform the thermal performance of your conservatory and still keep the natural light in any adjoining rooms.

With super-insulated walls, your new hup! will be energy efficient enough to turn your old conservatory into a modern open plan extension by removing internal doors and opening the space up to the rooms beyond.

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hup! System Designer

Design your perfect hup! system by selecting each detail including the windows, doors, roof and wall finish, so you can visualise your dream conservatory.



Five times faster than traditional methods

Are you dreaming of a bright sociable open plan room that links your living space with the garden? Maybe you’re building a new home office or playroom filled with healthy and stimulating natural light to create the perfect learning or working environment?

With hup! the only limit is your imagination and every hup! roof comes with high performance glass rooflights to fill your new room with plenty of natural light.

Extending your home with hup! is both simple and fast too. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of managing architects, builders and various trades, and no need to worry about going over budget.

As well as home extensions, hup! is also the ideal choice for building a garden home for family members who require their own living space in the privacy of the garden, with all the comfort of the home.

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hup! Technology Explained

The walls and tiled or flat roof in any hup! extension use advanced Ultrapanel technology.

  1. Patented Ultrapanel Technology
  2. Super-Strong I-Beam Structure
  3. Rapid Connection Details

Why Choose Premier Frames

Better Products

Premier Frames work exclusively with market leaders Ultraframe to fabricate and supply conservatory components for installers.

Over 2 million Ultraframe products have been installed nationwide, making it the most popular conservatory frame in the UK. They are known for offering homeowners superior levels of thermal efficiency and home security. The installation process is also incredibly straightforward for you as the installer. Our products come ready assembled and have simple two or three step fittings.

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Better Relationship

We have a great relationship with Ultraframe, having recently chosen to work exclusively with them rather than using multiple suppliers.

By having such a good relationship, we can ensure that the products we supply are consistently of a high standard. All of these conservatory and extension components are manufactured here in the UK, which allows us to have a better control over what we’re supplying to our network of installers. As a result, we’re able to provide those installers with market leading conservatory and orangery roof systems.

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Better Service

We take pride in delivering a friendly, personal service to all the installers we work with. We’re able to offer help and support whenever required.

As the installer, you’ll have two options with receiving your Ultraframe products. You’ll be able to choose between collecting from our showroom or having the components delivered. We’re located in North East Leicester, near the A47. If you’re looking to have the products delivered, it typically takes around ten working days. Our friendly team will handle the delivery or collection professionally.

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Better Coverage

Based in the East Midlands, we have customers spread across the middle of England. We’re continually looking to expand our catchment area.

Although we primarily work with installers local to us in the East Midlands, we have previously supplied to companies as far and wide as Margate, Chippenham and Stoke. As it stands, we don’t currently supply to Wales, Scotland or Ireland. Get in contact with Premier Frames if you’re unsure whether we can supply our Ultraframe roof systems to you. If the answer is yes, we can provide you with a quote.

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Stress Free Building

Often it can be difficult to know where to begin with an extension project and the thought of briefing an architect, navigating Building or Planning Regulations and choosing a reliable builder can be overwhelming and stressful. All of this pre-project anxiety simply vanishes as one hup! team takes care of the entire project for you – including the work usually done by an architect. See your designs come to life in the hup! software and then simply place your order, receive a confirmed price, and watch your hup! extension transform your home within weeks. Building a hup! couldn’t be simpler – no stress, no expensive experts, and delivered on time – on budget.

Contact your local hup! builder and choose the shape and size of your extension. Go as big as you can afford to maximise space, however be careful to ensure the remaining garden is large enough to enjoy.

Select the windows and doors for your design. Think carefully about where you may want to have key items such as kitchen units, tv’s, fireplaces, or furniture. Be sure to frame any stunning views with picture windows or large expanses of doors.

Choose from dramatic high pitched ceilings, or the understated look of flat or lean-to designs. Three times more natural light comes in through the roof than windows so carefully consider where to place your rooflights.

Wall finishes are a fantastic way to personalise your hup!. For a more traditional build look, choose a brick finish, or for a more contemporary finish choose timber or render.