What are Solid Conservatory Roofs?

Supplied to us by the market leaders Ultraframe, solid conservatory roofs are a stunning alternative roof option for conservatories. They can be fitted with new builds or as a retrofit if you offer a conservatory roof replacement service.

Thermal Performance - Your customers will receive improved energy efficiency if they opt for one of our solid conservatory roofs. The high quality panels offer enhanced insulation over polycarbonate alternatives. The extension will remain warm in winter and ventilated in summer.

Better Privacy - If your customers have overlooking neighbours, then a traditional glass conservatory roof may have them feeling like they’re constantly being watched. Offering solid conservatory roofs to your customers gives them the option of improving their home privacy.

Stunning Internally - To ensure that they look as good internally as they do externally, these roofs are manufactured with a plastered internal ceiling. Your customers could also opt to include a central lighting panel if there’s a flat area. They won’t disappoint on the visual side of things.

Bright & Warm - One concern your customers might have with a solid conservatory roof is the losing the brightness a glass alternative provides. However, these Ultraframe roofs can be manufactured bespoke with glass panels, which allow the natural light into their homes.

Low Maintenance - One benefit of these new conservatory roofs is how little aftercare they require. Once you’ve fitted the LivinRoof, the homeowner will only need to keep it free of any excess debris. It won’t need to be continually cleaned like outdated plastic roofs.

Strong & Secure - A big selling point to your customers should be the increased security provided by solid conservatory roofs. They are made from incredibly robust materials, to ensure that they are not easily damaged or broken into. This is essential for buyers nowadays.

Energy Efficient Solid Roof Panels

These solid conservatory roofs deliver a fantastic thermal performance that outperforms the competition. They do a great job of trapping warmth in your customer’s homes – they’ll benefit from the following:

  1. Thermally broken rafters
  2. U-Value as low as 0.18 – this is 15x better than a polycarbonate roof
  3. Insulted perimeter pelmet installed as standard
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Postcode Engineered

  • Ultraframe’s Livinroof is the only solid conservatory roof that is postcode engineered. This means that NASA satellite data is used to predict the average wind load and snowfall, adjusting the roof's structure where needed.


  • Our solid conservatory roofs are lighter than any other solid roof on the market. In fact, they weigh as little as 36kg per square metre. This makes them easy to fit whether they are being fitted on a new conservatory or as a replacement.

Better Roofline

  • These solid conservatory roofs come with a higher standard of guttering. Conservatory roofs of a poor quality will have equally subpar roofline. This can lead to costly damp spots and rotting. Offering your customers enhanced roofline prevents this.

Neutral Colour

  • Here at Premier Frames in Leicester, we manufacture solid conservatory roofs in a contemporary grey. This hue allows these roofs to blend with modern and traditional homes alike. This variety opens you up a wider clientele than with other options.

Easy to Install

  • These solid conservatory roofs are incredibly easy and simple to install. This makes your life easier as the installer and will leave you with a customer who will be satisfied at the speed of service. They’re the perfect product for all parties.

Available as Retrofit

  • Offering a conservatory roof replacement is a great way of opening yourself up to a wider audience. Many people across the Midlands are looking to replace an outdated conservatory roof – these solid roofs are available as a retrofit.

Fireproof Solid Conservatory Roofs

These solid conservatory roofs have been perfected over many years, to ensure that they are delivering a complete performance. Our solid conservatory roofs have been stringently fire tested to achieve the following:

  • Independently fire tested and approved and rated as B-roof according to EN 13501-5: 2016
  • A solid conservatory roof with aluminium panels is fire rated as AA according to BS476-3:2004
  • The complete roof has been fire tested as of 2018 by Warrington Fire
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Compatible Conservatory Styles

  • Georgian
  • Victorian
  • P-Shaped
  • T-Shaped
  • Lean-To
  • Gable-End
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