Why Use Ultraframe Samples?

Customers will be more inclined to purchase from you if they are able to see a physical sample infront of them.

The more detail that you can offer a customer on the products that you are selling, the more likely that they are to buy them.

By purchasing samples, you can provide customers with various options, that they may not have been able to visualise. This could significantly increase your sales.

Allowing a customer to see products in person eliminates any possibility of buyer regret, and helps to develop a long-term relationship.

If you purchase a sample, we will credit your account with the amount that you spent on the sample.

You can then use this as a discount on your next roof purchase!


Did you know, 73% of customers say that they are more likely to buy a product after seeing/trying it!


Digital Samples:


A digital sample software can be added to your website for your customers to view a roof in more detail.

The more time that customers spend on your site, the better for your SEO. We can also provide TVs and Tablets with the digital samples software on. These are perfect for showrooms! Digital samples eliminate the costs of physical samples, and increase website traffic, possibly creating more sales!