What are Performance Conservatories?

Comprised of many high grade components, performance conservatories are a stunning, modern conservatory build. We manufacture and supply these Ultraframe components to trades companies like yourself. They can collectively be fitted as performance conservatories in your catchment area.

Perimeter Pelmet - One component for conservatories that we manufacture at Premier Frames is the perimeter pelmet. Sitting between the roof of the performance conservatory and top of the windows and doors, they offer improved insulation and can be fitted with Ultraframe’s stunning central lighting and speaker panels.

Super Insulated Columns - For added insulation, we also manufacture super insulated columns here at Premier Frames. Sitting in the corners of the performance conservatory, these columns keep the room at the optimal temperature. Your customers will be able to enjoy lower heating bills with our super insulated columns.

Central Lighting Panel - Fitted by you into the perimeter pelmet in conservatories, the central lighting panel helps add style to a performance conservatory and makes them feel warmer and more spacious. They can be customised with a range of light options and are strong enough to hold chandeliers, spotlights and pendants.

Decorative Cornices - Available from Premier Frames in four distinct styles, decorative cornices are fitted onto the outside of performance conservatories. They hide end caps, guttering and other bits of trim, giving extensions a stylish finish. They are available in 1, 2 and 3 tiered options – we even supply curved cornices to trade.

Double Glazed Roof - Our conservatory roof systems are complemented with Ultraframe’s stunning Classic Roofs. These are comprised of double glazed glass panels, which fill the extensions with natural light while also blocking out excessive UV rays. They help make performance conservatories feel brighter and warmer.

Quantal Aluminium - For an enhanced performance, these conservatory roof systems can be manufactured with Quantal aluminium instead of the Classic Roof. Aluminium is lighter yet more rigid, making it more resistant to wind and rain. The sleek look of aluminium offers your customers fantastic visual appeal.

Insulated Pelmet

Fitted around the perimeter of performance conservatories, these pelmets are practical and versatile. Formerly known as the Livinroom, they offer homeowners with a range of essential modern benefits. They are robust and customisable.

  1. Offers enhanced insulation to trap the warmth inside the home
  2. Available in any depth between 300mm and 1200mm
  3. Can be made bespoke in over 250 different RAL colours
  4. Can be fitted with lighting panels and speakers
Heat Guard Leicester

Energy Efficient

  • These components collectively leave your customers with a thermally efficient conservatory. It will be better insulated against the cold weather, allowing customers to use their extensions right through the year. This results in lower heating bills their end.


  • High performance glass roofs offer your customers with improved weatherproofing and acoustic insulation. They’ll be better protected against the elements and will also have better privacy from the outside world. Both are invaluable.


  • You’ll be able to offer conservatories that feel much warmer and more welcoming. These accessories help the extension feel closer to a traditional room, as well as somewhere they can spend evenings rather than it just being a summer room.


  • All our conservatory components here at Premier Frames are constructed to pass building regulations and planning permissions. You won’t need to worry about reaching out to local building authorities across the centre of England.

Market Leading Suppliers

  • By working primarily with Ultraframe, we at Premier Frames can offer trade companies with high quality accessories for conservatories. They will continue to deliver the same high performance levels for years after you’ve installed them.

Made in the UK

  • These components are also constructed here in Britain, allowing us at Premier Frames to have a better level of control over the products we are supplying to tradespeople. We can consistently provide you with a better standard of product.
Super Insulated Column Leicester

Super Insulated Column

The standout component when offering performance conservatories to your customers; these columns are an industry-leading product. Formerly known as the Loggia columns, we at Premier Frames are proud to work with Ultraframe to supply them to tradespeople.

  1. The super insulated column is considered to be five times more thermally efficient than a similar-sized column made from brick.
  2. Manufactured with an insulated composite core consisting of enriched and expanded polystyrene and styropor carbon.
  3. Each insulated column is secured with an OSB board, before being wrapped in a porous membrane and aluminium claddings.
  4. Larger columns can be self-standing, while smaller columns can be constructed to sit on dwarf walls with certain conservatory styles.

Compatible Styles of Conservatory

These performance roof systems and accessories work with most modern conservatories. You’ll be able to install these Ultraframe components in whichever of these conservatory styles you offer:

  • Victorian
  • Georgian
  • Lean-To
  • Gable-End
  • P-Shaped
  • T-Shaped
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What is a Performance Conservatory

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