What is an Ultrasky Lantern Roof?

A double hipped roof that can be installed onto any flat roofed area, these lantern roofs offer a stunning focal point for in home in the Midlands, Ultraframe’s range of roof lanterns deliver visually and practically. Contact Premier Frames today to begin installing these roof options in your local area today.

25 Degree Pitched Roof - Ultraframe designed these lantern roofs with a 25 degree pitched roof. This was done deliberately, as a means of optimising light refraction. The result of this is a lantern roof that allows natural light to flood into the customer’s orangery or extension below. The room will become brighter and more welcoming.

Strong Ridge - Our Ultrasky lantern roofs feature ridges that are incredibly sturdy. This allows us to use slimmer sightlines, which enables us to manufacture these lanterns with more double glazing. What’s more, this level of rigidity also allows us to offer larger roof systems with a maximum dimension of 4m x 5.85m.

Durable Gaskets - Every component of these lantern roofs has been tested for quality, and that includes the gaskets. They are built to withstand harsh weather, remaining sturdy in even the most extreme wind and rain. They won’t leak, rot or warp either. You’ll be providing your customers with a great quality product.

Roof Vents - These market leading roof lanterns also include roof vents to allow the optimal amount of air into the extension or orangery. Without this, condensation could build up, and the room could become muggy during hot weather. With the inclusion of these vents, that’s no longer a problem for your customers.

High Performance Glazing - The performance of these roof lanterns is enhanced by the standard of glass we use. The double glazing that we use is exceptional and top of the range. Meticulously perfected to provide superb levels of heat retention during winter, it also protects your customers and their families from nasty UV damage.

Stormshield Protection - For an even better standard of weatherproofing, the Ultrasky lantern roofs come with Ultraframe’s Stormshield engineering system. This includes waterproof glazing compression trims, ridge end weather sears and secure fit radius end covers. The result is a roof system that can withstand the elements.

A Choice of Materials

By coming to Premier Frames, you’ll be able to offer your customers in the Midlands a broader range of lantern roofs. These can be constructed using either:

  1. uPVC – Rigid, versatile and competitively priced
  2. Aluminium – Lightweight and more robust with slimmer sightlines
Lantern Roof Ultraframe

Energy Efficient

  • These lantern roofs have been thermally broken to deliver as low a U-value as possible. They deliver superb levels of heat retention, keeping extensions or orangeries warm in the winter. Roof vents keep it cool during the humid summer.

Brighten up any Room

  • The low pitched roof allows the maximum amount of natural light to enter the extension or orangery. If these are being retrofitted to a room with a poor standard of roof, then they can give it a new lease of life by totally brightening it up.

Weather Tested

  • All of Ultraframe’s roof systems have been vetted to ensure they are weatherproof. The Ultrasky lantern roof has been tested in 130mph winds. This ensures that they can withstand hurricane grade weather, without warping, rotting or leaking.

Available as a Retrofit

  • Although they are incredibly popular with installers who fit new orangeries or extensions, these roof systems also work fantastically as a retrofit option. This opens you up to a new audience as people won’t always want to replace their extension.


  • You’ll be able to install this range in a handful of standard colours, but your customers will also be able to request a shade from the 250+ RAL colours that we offer. This allows homeowners to find a lantern roofs that perfectly suits their style of home.

Easy to Install

  • For you as the installer, you’ll benefit with these lantern roofs by having a product that is incredibly simple to install. If they’re being fitted on top of a new build extension or orangery, then the installing of these lanterns will only take a few minutes.

What are These Compatible With?

Should the customer request it, these flat skylights can come with an optional kerb option. It’s easy to fit your end and offers your customers a range of additional benefits:

  • Prevents puddles forming, which stops the glass from staining
  • Welded to be watertight
  • Optimal 4 degree pitch
  • Compliant with all building regulations
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Over 2 million Ultraframe products have been installed nationwide, making it the most popular conservatory frame in the UK. They are known for offering homeowners superior levels of thermal efficiency and home security. The installation process is also incredibly straightforward for you as the installer. Our products come ready assembled and have simple two or three step fittings.

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We have a great relationship with Ultraframe, having recently chosen to work exclusively with them rather than using multiple suppliers.

By having such a good relationship, we can ensure that the products we supply are consistently of a high standard. All of these conservatory and extension components are manufactured here in the UK, which allows us to have a better control over what we’re supplying to our network of installers. As a result, we’re able to provide those installers with market leading conservatory and orangery roof systems.

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