What is the Modern Classic Roof?

This double glazed roof offers a more traditional feel, which works better with a classic conservatory or traditional orangery. This system comes with quality uPVC framing, which can be customised to suit your customers' different needs. Contact Premier Frames to have this roof system in your area. We operate in Leicester here in the Midlands but work with double glazing installers right across the country.

Double Glazed Roof - The defining feature of Ultraframe’s Classic Roof is the double glazed panels. This glass allows more natural light to flood into the room, while also providing sufficient UV protection and thermal efficiency.

uPVC Framework - Our classic roofs are held in place by a high quality uPVC framing. As a material, it is incredibly popular because of its inherent strength and lifespan. It’s fantastic for our extension or conservatory roof systems.

Internal Eaves Beams - These beams help provide the Classic Roof will better structural integrity. They ensure that there is no undue pressure on the roof on the conservatory or extension, even when wide external doors are fitted.

Range of Colours - These conservatory and orangery roof systems can be created bespoke in a wide range of different colour finishes. With this, your customers will have a better variety of choice for their new extension.

Postcode Engineering - All our classic roofs will be postcode engineered to your customer’s homes. This is done using NASA satellite data, which predicts the rain and wind fall for that area - we can adjust the roof accordingly.

Installation Guide - These double glazed conservatory roof systems come with a comprehensive installation guide. They are incredibly easy to install, which leads to quicker fittings and happier customers for your business.

Slimline Ridge

The new Slimline Ridge is 42% slimmer than Classic ridge (95mm). It is made of aluminium, has Glazing bar top cappings in Aluminium or uPVC with ultra small radius ends. This provides a less bulky look than traditional radius ends. It can be used with Insulated Pelmet, cornice and columns too.

Unsupported 5m spans

As well as providing incredible strength, the new suite of bolstered eaves profiles offer cost saving opportunities – the combined bolster can span up to 5 metres without the need for any additional costly steels and all of the bars are only needed on the opening elevation of the eaves, offering further cost efficiencies.


New Chambered Box Gutter

Chambered section enables spanning capability up to 4380mm without the requirement for gallows brackets. Compatible with both Standard Eaves beam and Super Duty Eaves. Chambered box gutter is compatible with all current 165mm adaptors.

  1. A blanking plate endcap is available to close off the chambered end of the box gutter.
  2. When used with Standard Eaves, a 30mm window frame add on is required to pack the eaves and ensure that the parabolic head aligns.

  1. Chambered section enables a spanning capability up to 4 meters without the requirement for gallows brackets.
  2. New box gutter is compatible with both Standard Eaves beam and Super Duty eaves.
  3. Compatible with all current 165 mm adaptors.
  4. Blanking plate endcap is also available off the chambered end.

Energy Efficient

  • Unlike the conservatories roofs of old, our double glazed Classic Roof systems are thermally efficient. Your customer’s conservatory will do a superb job of retaining its natural heat, which, in turn, can lead to cheaper heating bills and a lower carbon footprint in the long run.


  • The Classic Roof systems that we offer for extension installations have been stringently weather tested. High quality seals will prevent any leaking, no matter how extreme the rain is. They have also been tested for their rigidity against 130 mph hurricane grade winds.

Year-Round Use

  • Our Classic Roofs allow conservatories to be used right through the year. This is incredibly appealing to potential customers, who may not be able to enjoy their outdated conservatory in winter. One of our roofs will offer people year-round use once again.


  • The components for our Classic Roof systems all adhere to current building regulation laws here in the UK. Your customers also shouldn’t have a problem securing planning permission. The only exception is if they are attempting to renovate a period home where things may be trickier for them.

Market Leading Suppliers

  • We work exclusively with market leaders Ultraframe. As a conservatory components manufacturer, Ultraframe lead the industry in this country. Registered installers have fitted over two million of their products up and down the country. They’re the preferred choice.

Made in the UK

  • These components are all manufactured here in the UK. As a result, we at Premier Frames have more control over what we’re supplying to trade. This means that we can ensure that all our classic conservatory roofs components are consistently of the highest quality for your customers.

New Bi-fold Support Beam

The New bi-fold support beam sits just under the standard eaves beam and can be used in the elevation with the large opening. It is 70mm tall and runs between corner posts making it a highly cost effective solution.

  1. Sits under standard eaves beam
  2. Aluminium Profile / uPVC claddings

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