What are SupaLite Conservatory Roofs?

The SupaLite Roof System provides a lightweight, easy-to-install and desirable solid roof. They are designed to fit onto the existing conservatory window frame and eliminates the dramatic changes in temperature seen in traditional conservatories.

Add Value to Your House - A conservatory isn’t considered a ‘functional living space’, so you’re limited to what you can do to add value. If you turn your new space into a functional living area, there’s potential to increase the value of your home. While there are no guarantees, you’ll certainly have more chance of increasing its value by adding on a solid roof.

Comfortable Temperature All Year Round - Traditional conservatories aren’t the most habitable places. In the summer months, the temperature rises to sweltering levels, and in the winter, it’s like stepping into a large ice cube. A SupaLite tiled roof system solves both of these problems. A well-insulated roof controls the temperature, meaning you can access the room all year round.

Create an Extra Room - If you’re using your conservatory as a storage, laundry or summer room, it’s time to rethink. Get the office you’ve needed for months, the extra bedroom you want for guests, or that chillout room where you can practise yoga or arts and crafts. Whatever function you want your conservatory to serve, a tiled roof can make it happen.

Comply With Building Regulations - Most conservatory roof replacements don’t need planning permission. However, it’s always wise to check. All our conservatory roofs are insurance approved, JHAI approved and meet all building regulations. Additionally, getting planning permission can be a lengthy process, slowing down progress for at least 2 months. It is also an extra cost that you need to factor into your budget that often gets overlooked.

Engineered and Designed to Last a Lifetime

The benefits of this transformation are incredible. Not only will you reduce your energy costs considerably by maintaining a regulated living temperature in your conservatory, but you will also be able to spend more time there due to its comfortable environment.

  1. Wide choice of tile and slate colours to either match or contrast your existing property
  2. Incredible U-Value saving money on energy bills
  3. Add value to your home with the feel of an extension for all year round living space
Supa Lite Diagram


  • Through regulating the temperature of your conservatory, you will undoubtedly save money by not having to use your heating as much to get the room to a comfortable temperature. The year-on-year savings will then only be amplified by the added value of your home, should you decide to sell!

Meets all Building Regulations

  • The SupaLite Roof System has been engineered and tested to meet all current Building Regulation requirements, meaning one less worry for you. Speed up your building process and save money by using tiles you know make the grade!

Easy to Install and Durable

  • What you need from your conservatory roof system. Your conservatory will be tiled in a matter of days (depending on the size of the conservatory), but will last a lifetime. The Supalite Roof System is durable against UV rays and harsh winds, keeping your conservatory covered for as long as you may live there.

5 Reasons to Choose a SupaLite Roof

  1. Save money on heating costs
  2. Roof system engineered and tested to meet all Building Regulations requirements
  3. Transforms a conservatory into an extension
  4. Add significant value to your home
  5. Increase your living & entertaining space
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Supalite roofs

Transform your conservatory into an extension

SupaLiteRoof Roof Systems undergo thorough testing and are subject to extensive research – producing a compliant, resilient product which is compatible with all roof styles. The lightweight aluminium frame, humidity-proof insulation and custom tiles are tailored to your existing conservatory frame and provide you with a welcoming living space free from wind and rain noise, leaks and extreme temperature fluctuations.

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SupaLite Roofing

Choice of tile and slate colours

Extralight Tiles

A unique high-performance textured roof tile with exceptional durability – available in a range of colours.

Tapco Slate

Low water absorption and mould resistant – slate will look stunning on your conservatory roof, adding a rustic charm.

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For more information, watch SupaLite’s videos below…

SupaLite Introduction

SupaLite Tiled Roof Installation

SupaLite Installation