What is a Pergola?

Pergolas are multi-functional and weatherproof additions to people’s home. A structured framework with a glazed roof, they work fantastically as outdoor living spaces for your customers. Contact Premier Frames today to install these pergolas in your area. We operate in the East Midlands but work with home improvements specialists right across the country.

Multi-functional – One of our Ultraframe pergolas can be installed in your customer’s homes for a wide range of different reasons. They are primarily used to provide a comfortable outdoor living space, but can also work as a shelter for cars.

Glazed Roof – All our pergola systems come with fully weatherproof glazed roofs. This glass, which will measure either 6mm or 10mm depending on the project, protects those below from any rain, ensuring these pergolas can be used all year round.

Aluminium Posts – These slanted roof systems are supported by two high quality aluminium beams. They are structurally secure enough to support the whole roof, without undue pressure to your home. They also work as a drainage solution.

Ultraframe Quality – All our extension systems and components and supplied by Ultraframe. They are the preferred choice in this country, with over two million systems fitted nationwide. Their pergolas provide a better standard of quality and aesthetics.


  • If the aluminium posts of one of our pergolas measure 2400mm high, and if the curved beam meets the slightly pitched at 2500mm, then the overall height of the pergola for your customers will be 2935mm.
  • Only one of the two posts supplied with a standard Ultraframe pergola comes with a waterpipe for drainage. This is always fitted to the right hand pipe of the extension.
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